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Lean at Ecology

Lean is a business philosophy that provides proven principles that help Washington state government create a culture that:

  • Encourages respect, creativity and innovative problem solving.
  • Continuously improves and eliminates waste from government processes.
  • Aligns efforts across state agencies. Delivers results that matter to Washingtonians.

For several years, Ecology has helped Washington businesses use Lean to improve manufacturing, profits and customer satisfaction while reducing the amount of chemicals used and waste created.

For example, Accra-Fab in Liberty Lake is saving nearly $180,000 each year because of Lean (see the video). Now it’s Ecology’s turn to apply Lean to its own work.

Ecology incorporates Lean

Although Lean has its roots in manufacturing, its tools and strategies have been successfully applied in government. Ecology sees Lean as a way to:

  • Provide improved, valuable services and products to our customers and stakeholders
  • Create an internal culture which values continuous improvement and learning
  • Empower employees to lead the continuous improvement process

Lean projects at Ecology

Since 2007, Ecology has tackled a number of Lean projects. Ecology has chosen projects based on staff suggestions and feedback from our customers. Get more information about our improvement projects. 



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