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Access to Ecology's searchable databases with data specific to this program listed separately. The agency databases list contains data relevant to all or many programs.

Database includes map access = databases that include map access.

Environmental Monitoring Data

Ecology for Scientist's environmental monitoring data page; contains numerous environmental monitoring databases listed by topic, including the Environmental Information Management (EIM) system, Ecology's major environmental data repository.

Program-Specific Databases

Database includes map access. Beach closures
Displays the status of the current health risk at select marine swimming beaches. Washington State's Beach Environmental Assessment, Communication and Health (BEACH) Program primarily monitors these beaches from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
Database includes map access. Coastal Atlas Map
Information about Washington’s marine shorelines and the land areas near Puget Sound, the outer coast, and the estuarine portion of the Columbia River.
Database includes map access. Flood hazard maps
Flood hazard maps help determine the flood risk to you home and business, and whether your mortgage lender requires you to have flood insurance.
Database includes map access. Lakes
View Washington State lake data including aquatic plants, toxic algae, herbicide use, fish management, grants and loans and more.
Database includes map access. Public beaches
Information about activities, amenities and more at over 1,000 public access points to Washington’s marine shoreline.
Database includes map access. Shoreline Aerial Photos
A collection of over 70,000 oblique aerial photos of Washington’s shorelines. The first set is from the 1970’s and focused on Washington's 2,500 miles of marine shoreline; the most recent travels inland, covering the lakes and rivers of Eastern Washington.
  State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Register
List of SEPA documents received by Ecology in the past two weeks or earlier if comment period has not yet closed.

Agency Databases

  Regulatory Handbook
Information on permits, licenses, certifications, and other approvals.
Database includes map access. Facility/Site Identification (F/SID) System
Information on facilities and sites of interest to the Department of Ecology.
  Public Involvement Calendar
Information on Ecology's public hearings, meetings, workshops, open houses, and open comment periods.
  Publications and Forms
Information on Ecology's publications and forms.
  Staff directory
Ecology staff e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
  Subject referral directory
Ecology staff contact information by subject.

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