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Water Resources

Access to Ecology's searchable databases with data specific to this program listed separately. The agency databases list contains data relevant to all or many programs.

Database includes map access = databases that include map access.

Environmental Monitoring Data

Ecology for Scientist's environmental monitoring data page; contains numerous environmental monitoring databases listed by topic, including the Environmental Information Management (EIM) system, Ecology's major environmental data repository.

Program-Specific Databases

Database includes map access. Columbia River Mainstem - Water Resources Information System (WEBMAP)
Mapped water rights, place of use, diversions, stream flows, metering, and water right documents.
Database includes map access. Water Resources Explorer
Water Rights and Wells web site that provides access through an interactive map to information maintained by the Water Resources Program (Program) within the Department of Ecology as well as links to other water resource related information.
  Well Construction and Licensing System (WCLS)
Well drilling projects and well logs since 1995. Current licensed drillers and drilling companies.
Database includes map access. Well Logs
Information on the location, ownership, construction details, and lithology of completed wells.

Agency Databases

  Regulatory Handbook
Information on permits, licenses, certifications, and other approvals.
Database includes map access. Facility/Site Identification (F/SID) System
Information on facilities and sites of interest to the Department of Ecology.
  Public Involvement Calendar
Information on Ecology's public hearings, meetings, workshops, open houses, and open comment periods.
  Publications and Forms
Information on Ecology's publications and forms.
  Staff directory
Ecology staff e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
  Subject referral directory
Ecology staff contact information by subject.

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