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Source of mystery spill in Columbia River found

A coordinated investigation by state and federal authorities in Wenatchee has identified Coleman Oil, Inc., a fueling facility near the Columbia River, as the source of the biodiesel spill that has been leaking into the river. (Mar 27 news release)

Updating regulations for Children’s Safe Products Act

Since it was passed in 2008, Washington’s Children’s Safe Products Act has been a landmark law protecting our state’s children from toxic chemicals. The law, also known as CSPA, bans the use of lead, cadmium, phthalates and five toxic flame retardants in children’s products, and also requires manufacturers to report whether their children’s products contain chemicals of high concern to children. (Mar 24 news release)

Boom placed on Columbia River to contain mystery sheen

Emergency response crews placed a boom on the Columbia River near Wenatchee early Sunday morning to contain an oil sheen that is mysteriously getting into the river. Crews have been investigating since Friday and are unable locate the source of the petroleum-like substance. (Mar 20 blog)

West Point wastewater treatment plant sewage spill incident response

Current information on Ecology's response to King County’s West Point wastewater treatment plant equipment failure and sewage spill. (Incident response page)

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