Environmental Assessment Program

Manchester Laboratory

Reliable, quality laboratory services are required to accurately determine the concentrations of environmental contaminants in air, water, and soils. Many of Ecology‘s regulatory decisions are based on the data provided by laboratory services.

The Ecology section at Manchester Environmental Laboratory (MEL) currently employs 27 scientists and support staff. The lab offers a wide range of chemical and microbiological analyses, analytical method development, and other technical services ranging from project information management to logistical support for sampling events. Manchester's staff are committed to continuous process improvement. This commitment is demonstrated by scoring 95% or greater on single-blind performance evaluation samples.

Analytical Services

The lab offers a range of analytical services in general chemistry, organic chemistry, metals, and microbiology. A list of the lab's accredited methods is available through Ecology's Laboratory Accreditation.

The lab provides a variety of sample-related services for clients and project officers, including provision of bottles, filters, preservatives, and blank water. The lab also provides courier services from the Ecology Headquarters building to Manchester.

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Washington State Department of Ecology
Manchester Environmental Laboratory
7411 Beach Drive East
Port Orchard, WA 98366
Phone 360-871-8800
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