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Visit the SEA Program Publication Index Page for a complete listing of online publications available from Ecology's Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program. For quick reference, many popular publications are listed by category below:

Property Owner Guides

Information to help property owners that have wetlands on their property or those concerned with bluff erosion and vegetation management, as well as drainage options for surface and ground water.


Publications for teachers including k-12 curriculum for wetlands and estuaries.

  • Discover Wetlands - A Curriculum Guide for grades K-12.
  • Padilla Bay Curriculum - The Padilla Bay Curriculum is available at three grade levels: K-3 (Level I), 4-8 (Level II), and high school (Level III). They're intended to compliment a visit to Padilla Bay, but are also appropriate for students studying estuaries anywhere in Washington State.

Coastal Zone Management:

Shoreline Management:

Watershed Planning

Protecting Aquatic Ecosystems: A Guide for Puget Sound Planners to Understand Watershed Processes - Guidance for Puget Sound planners, resource managers, and consultants on how to better protect aquatic ecosystems, such as lakes, rivers, wetlands, and estuaries, by including information about watershed processes in resource management plans and regulatory actions.


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Padilla Bay

K-12 versions available

Wetlands Poster