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In 2006, the Legislature tasked the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) to aggressively seek out new water supplies for both instream and out-of-stream uses. (Chap. 90-90 RCW). The same legislation established the Columbia River Basin Development Account and authorized $200 million to fund it. The Office of Columbia River (OCR) set aside a significant portion of this money to fund annual competitive grants for local water storage and conservation projects that preserve and enhance the standard of living for the people of Washington by strengthening the state’s economy, and restoring and protecting the Columbia Basin’s unique natural environment.

Each year, OCR has funded projects consistent with our legislative mandate to "aggressively pursue development of water supplies to benefit both instream and out-of-stream water uses".  OCR has developed separate grant processes for different types of water supply projects, including Modification of Existing Storage, New Large Storage, Conservation and Acquisition. (see funding flowchart)


Projects at a Glance

All OCR projects with status, location, cost, benefits,and yield information (pdf).

OCR Projects at a Glance

Interactive Funding Map

This interactive funding map summarizes Columbia River Account Investments since 2006.


How we calculate economic benefits.


Columbia River Account Summary

Budget Pie Chart

Water Development Progress

Grant Funding Process and Application

In 2010, OCR simplified the grant process to allow year-round submission.

Pre-2010 Grant Process



2007 Budget Priorities